Breathwork: Science and practice

You take about 30,000 breaths a day without thinking about it. Breathing is the life force that keeps you going. Many cultures around the world have studied the benefits of conscious breathing for thousands of years, and just recently western culture started to employ the scientific method to confirm those benefits. This course will give you a fundamental understanding of how breathing works, what the benefits of breathwork are, and how you can practically use this knowledge to become a better, healthier self!

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91% of students recommend

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Course plan

Lesson 1. What is Breathwork
Lesson 2. Scientific Benefits of Breathwork
Lesson 3. Respiratory System 101
Lesson 4. Science of Breathing
Lesson 5. Test Yourself
Lesson 6. Slow Breathing
Lesson 7. Fast Breathing
Lesson 8. Breath Holding
Lesson 9. Breathwork in Your Everyday Life
Lesson 10. Conclusion
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