How to lead in tough times

Tough times will come. They’ll test you to the limits of your capability. How do some leaders thrive on chaos? Do they have magical powers? Are they born with this ability? Not at all! They’re using learnable skills that you can use when life gets tough, hands you curveballs, and threatens to destroy your sanity. You’ll learn how to have a tough mindset, navigate through messy problems, and talk so people will listen. Learn these skills today so you can face tomorrow with confidence—and lead your team to victory.

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93% of students recommend

  “This came at the perfect time. Each lesson was concise and valuable. I truly feel like I came out better than I came in.”

  “The course is a good reminder of some common sense actions that can be quickly forgotten in challenging times.”

  “A fresh take on leadership that I found inspiring! The author really laid out great examples that I found easy to follow and replace with my own application for the company I lead. I really feel empowered to improve my leadership after this, especially at a time where I am trying to plan how to manage upcoming company profit in a way that can empower more team synergy.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. First, Face Reality
Lesson 2. Develop a Mean Streak
Lesson 3. Talk Like a Leader
Lesson 4. Fight for What Matters
Lesson 5. Do the Hard Work
Lesson 6. Teach Your People to Solve Problems
Lesson 7. Create a Culture of Cooperation
Lesson 8. Delegate like a CEO
Lesson 9. Hire Slow, Fire Fast
Lesson 10. Celebrate Wins as a Team
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