How to become happier: A guide to reprogramming your thinking

What you think impacts how you feel. Whether you are a happy person, or a miserable person, is a result of the outlook created by your beliefs and the system of thoughts that define them. But you also possess the ability to create new thoughts. Following a 7-step process, you will learn how to not just cultivate new thoughts, but whole systems of thoughts and new beliefs that can change your outlook. By the end of this course, you will be all set to reprogram your thinking and increase the happiness you feel in your daily life.

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92% of students recommend

  “I have found this author’s courses on Highbrow the best. What I liked about this course is the clear way in which examples are provided to better understand theory.”

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Course plan

Lesson 1. The Art of Positivity
Lesson 2. The Art of Noticing Thought Patterns
Lesson 3. The Art of Honing the Best Thoughts
Lesson 4. Mapping out Your Core Needs
Lesson 5. Discerning Your Core Beliefs
Lesson 6. The Art of Belief Inversion
Lesson 7. The Definition of Happiness
Lesson 8. A Special Kind of Meditation
Lesson 9. A Specific Template to Enhance Perspective Inversion
Lesson 10. Enhancing the Path Away from Unhappiness
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