Ancient Greek philosophy

What does it mean to be a skeptic or a cosmopolitan? Who first talked about atoms? Why is it sometimes good to be a cynic? Why do Plato and Aristotle still matter today? “Ancient Greek Philosophy” will give you a whirlwind tour of major philosophers and ideas in the Greek tradition. We’ll explore a few of the ancient world’s strangest and most profound thinkers. We’ll also ask what relevance Ancient Greek philosophy still has for us in the 21st century.

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95% of students recommend

  “Truly an A+ course! I enjoyed the author’s last course on philosophy and this is the best. I hope he writes more about philosophy, and the rich history that has built the foundation of modern thought.”

  “A short, credible, and informative summary of Greek philosophy written by someone with a solid understanding and background. Enjoyed it.”

  “One of the few courses I wish were 20 lessons instead of 10! Very well structured and explained, I liked most the fact that the philosophers aren’t just introduced in a random order, but each one is related in a way to the previous, so it’s much easier to remember who is who and who thought what.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. The Birth of Philosophy
Lesson 2. Socrates the Trouble-Maker
Lesson 3. Plato: The Ideal Philosopher
Lesson 4. Plato’s Republic: The City and the Soul
Lesson 5. Aristotle: The Philosopher of Everything
Lesson 6. Skepticism: Abstaining from Judgment
Lesson 7. Cynicism: The Life of a Dog
Lesson 8. Stoicism: Nature, Physics, and Logic
Lesson 9. Materialism: Atoms and Void
Lesson 10. Why Greek Philosophy Still Matters
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