Ancient Greek philosophy

What does it mean to be a skeptic or a cosmopolitan? Who first talked about atoms? Why is it sometimes good to be a cynic? Why do Plato and Aristotle still matter today? “Ancient Greek Philosophy” will give you a whirlwind tour of major philosophers and ideas in the Greek tradition. We’ll explore a few of the ancient world’s strangest and most profound thinkers. We’ll also ask what relevance Ancient Greek philosophy still has for us in the 21st century.

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   Teacher: Dr. Will Buckingham


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Course plan

Lesson 1. The Birth of Philosophy
Lesson 2. Socrates the Trouble-Maker
Lesson 3. Plato: The Ideal Philosopher
Lesson 4. Plato’s Republic: The City and the Soul
Lesson 5. Aristotle: The Philosopher of Everything
Lesson 6. Skepticism: Abstaining from Judgment
Lesson 7. Cynicism: The Life of a Dog
Lesson 8. Stoicism: Nature, Physics, and Logic
Lesson 9. Materialism: Atoms and Void
Lesson 10. Why Greek Philosophy Still Matters
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