What is wisdom: An introduction to philosophy

“Philosophy” literally means “the love of wisdom.” But what is wisdom? And what can philosophy tell us about how we might be able to live more wisely? This course will introduce some of the greatest philosophers, from both the East and West, and explore the practical implications of their ideas.

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100% of students recommend

“This is the best course on Highbrow I’ve ever taken–and that covers two years of courses. I loved how the discussion of philosophy was not confined to the West, and it was clear that much research and work went into the creation of the course–especially given how detailed and yet streamlined and clear the course was!”

“Enjoyable read. Good background on ancient awareness of philosophy. Would have liked modern references and applications, such as technology/AI and human behaviour.”

“Surprisingly, an overall, yet substantial look at the beginnings, the philosophers, their views and teachings and how they are applied in our everyday lives. In ten short days, I gained an understanding of myself, the world around me, and some tools to change burdens into balance.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Philosophy—The Love of Wisdom?
Lesson 2. Socrates—Knowing and Not Knowing
Lesson 3. Plato—Getting Out of the Cave
Lesson 4. Aristotle—Theory and Practice
Lesson 5. Epicurus—Getting Away from It All
Lesson 6. Stoicism—Dealing with Uncertainty
Lesson 7. Confucianism—Harmony and Ritual
Lesson 8. Zhuangzi—Giving Up on Wisdom
Lesson 9. Early Buddhist Wisdom—Getting to Grips with Experience
Lesson 10. Wisdom in the Modern World
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