Women in philosophy

Philosophy is about exploring the deepest questions of human life. But there is a significant problem in the history of philosophy. While women make up 50% of humanity, most philosophers throughout history have been men. This is beginning to change, but what happens when philosophy starts to take women’s voices seriously? This course aims to introduce some important women philosophers and to ask challenging questions about the relationships between philosophy, men, and women.

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85% of students recommend

“What a great course, the structure, tone and information made it informative and fun at the same time. I learned a lot. Thank you.”

“Well structured and informative. I do like further reading thing. I would made the course longer. Thanks a lot!”

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Course plan

Lesson 1. Beyond the Beard—Philosophy and the Other Half of Humanity
Lesson 2. The Ancient World—Hidden Traditions and Guerrilla Warfare
Lesson 3. The Middle Ages—Philosophies of Life and Love
Lesson 4. Vindicated! The Philosophy of Mary Wollstonecraft
Lesson 5. The Second Sex—Simone de Beauvoir
Lesson 6. The Active Life—Hannah Arendt
Lesson 7. Vulnerability and Flourishing—Martha Nussbaum
Lesson 8. Rethinking Gender—Judith Butler
Lesson 9. Who Gets to Speak? Intersectionality, Gender, and Contemporary Philosophy
Lesson 10. Remaking Philosophy—Women Philosophers and the Future of Philosophy
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