Top Tips for Getting the First Purchase

17.02.2017 |

Episode #9 of the course How to influence your customers to buy more by Chloë Thomas



We’re on the home stretch now—just two more lessons to go, both packed with ways you can increase your sales.

In this lesson, I’m sharing some more tips on getting the first purchase.


Mobile payment links in your emails

We’re going to start with a very new (but highly effective) idea.

You can now add mobile payment links to your marketing emails, enabling customers to buy your products without even having to visit your website!

Deborah Lippmann (retailer of nail varnish) has been testing this out in emails. So far, nearly 20% of their customers have used the mobile payment option, AOV (average order value) is higher than normal, and it’s led to first-time purchases from customers who’ve been on the list for AGES.


Use on-site chat as a sales channel

If you really want your online chat bot to serve you well, you need to think of it as a sales generator, not a customer service tool.

First, that means thinking of where those customers who are looking to buy will be, maybe where they get stuck, and triggering it there—so think product page, not homepage.

Trigger it with a message relevant to that customer; if it’s on the delivery page, “Can I help you with delivery?”

Make sure you have the right people on it—your best customer service operator may not be your best webchat operator.

Dixons Carphone have taken this approach across the UK and Europe and find that conversion, AOV, and NPS (Net Preference Score—a customer satisfaction score) are all massively up compared to normal online orders.


Get the email sign-up elsewhere

You no longer have to wait for the customer to become a Visitor to be able to get their email address.

On Social Media Advertising
Both Facebook and Twitter now offer advert formats that enable the user to sign up for your emails with just a couple of clicks. They’re really easy to set up, and I’ve seen them working very well for people.

If you have a real-world presence, don’t forget to ask for the sign-up there.

Whether it’s a permanent store, a pop-up shop, or a stand at an event, make sure you’re asking for those email addresses!

As with any email sign-up, though, make sure you are sending the first welcome sequence email nice and quickly.

I hope you’ve found these extra tips for getting more first-time orders useful! In the next (and final) lesson, I’ll be outlining some more tips for getting repeat purchases.

Catch up tomorrow,


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