Understanding meditation and the science behind it

Have you heard of the new buzzword? “Meditation”? Of course you have! Everyone is doing some form of meditation these days or learning to. The question here is, do you know what meditation really is, and do you know what’s happening in your brain and body when you’re meditating? How does meditation make you calmer, happier, and more focused? If those questions pique your interest, then you’ll enjoy this course that dives into the neuroscience of meditation. It pulls research and data from the brightest minds and translates it into everyday language you’ll understand. You will also learn the practical applications of meditation and cognitive training exercises to change the structure and function of your brain to improve the quality of your experiences in life.

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95% of students recommend

  “Very fact-based and grounded, which helped focus the teacher’s words and kept everything easy to follow and illuminating!”

  “Fantastic course! I saw immediate changes in my attitude and resulting mood when stressful stimuli came my way. Very well presented; never overwhelming but contains excellent information.”

  “Thanks for sharing this course! I am taking the stillness course (“saying yes to stillness”) right now and I just loved to know better about the science behind meditation. I was a bit skeptical about the real benefits for the brain after meditation but after this course I can understand! And it makes a lot of sense! I really enjoyed, thanks!”


Course plan

Lesson 1: What Is Meditation?
Lesson 2: Making Sense of the Three Brains
Lesson 3: Understanding Stress
Lesson 4: Meditation and the Immune System
Lesson 5: Training Calm
Lesson 6: Training Happiness
Lesson 7: Training Focus
Lesson 8: The Brain on Waves
Lesson 9: Healthy Brain, Healthy You
Lesson 10: How to Meditate
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