An introduction to Java programming

The Java programming language is the world’s most widely used programming language. Those who know Java can easily earn $80,000 and often much more. This course will put you on the first step toward being a professional Java programmer. You’ll learn how to write simple codes, such as code that asks the user for their name, a code that performs mathematical calculations, a code that combines a loop and random number generation to create a lotto number, and much more. Are you ready?

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Course plan

Lesson 1. Welcome to Java
Lesson 2. 20 Questions: Interact with the User
Lesson 3. Math 101: Doing Arithmetic
Lesson 4. Groundhog Day: Loop Constructs
Lesson 5. If I Were a Rich Man: Making Decisions with Code
Lesson 6. Guess What I’m Thinking? Random Number Generator.
Lesson 7. Lotto Number Generator Ka-Ching! Combine Loops and Random Numbers.
Lesson 8. Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag: Using Arrays to Store Data
Lesson 9. Lucky Dip: Using Arrays and Random Numbers
Lesson 10. One Love: Putting It All Together
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