Colin Pal



How to bring meditation into your everyday
Understanding meditation and the science behind it

The world knows him as a storyteller, speaker, meditation teacher, and ex-monk turned conscious gangster. At the age of 13, he followed an inner calling that drew him towards an unexpected search for meaning and a journey that embodies the aspiration of making a change in the world. He left his home, his family and friends, and what others have considered the normal life to spend 7 years in a monastery training and studying meditation and mindfulness as a Buddhist monk. His growing aspirations led him to a mission beyond the walls of the monastery where he has spent the last 8 years bringing the ancient practices of mindfulness and meditation to the boardrooms of our modern world. Blending together the practical application of meditation, neuroscience, quantum physics, and human behavior studies; he offers engaging programs that help people break through the patterns of mindlessly living in this distracted world, to wake up to a more conscious and connected life.