Overcoming mindless negativity

The biggest oppressor in the present World is the Self. Much of our pain is self-created. The most prevalent method of making oneself feel instantly bad is through Negative Thinking. This course contains ten important lessons that’ll help you understand the way human minds process and internalize negativity. If you constantly find yourself in a bad mood or are simply unsatisfied with your life, read on and find out WHY and WHAT to do about it.

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97% of students recommend

  “Fantastic course. Everyone could learn something from this course!”

  “It’s a great course, makes one realize that we are all human on the same path with the same thought process. We are taught our thought process, which can be changed and overcome! Thank you!”

  “Very, very useful. I love the way of presenting and explaining things technically, and with proven studies.”


Course plan

Lesson 1: We All Think Negatively
Lesson 2: How to Identify and Rationalize Negativity
Lesson 3: The Psychology of Negative Thinking—Getting Stuck in a Loss Frame
Lesson 4: How to Tame Anxiety
Lesson 5: Negative Self-Talk
Lesson 6: The Biggest Source of Internal Negativity—Childhood Trauma
Lesson 7: Negativity and Stress at Work
Lesson 8: Negativity from the Internet
Lesson 9: Separate Achievement from Love—Practicing the Art of Self-Compassion
Lesson 10: On Being Kind
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