How to start a startup with zero budget

Have you ever dreamed of building a successful global startup but caught yourself thinking, “I have no money for that”? The real problem is not about money. Most startup founders simply don’t know what needs to be done before investing even a penny. In ten days, you’ll learn how to minimize the risk of failure and become much more interesting for potential investors. This course will explain how to create a strong and innovative value proposition, draw a one-page business model, identify and manage key risk factors, choose the right type of MVP, prepare a winning pitch, and much more.

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   Teacher: Dr. Donatas Jonikas


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90% of students recommend

“Many details which are very good. Gives you a good understanding of what you should take into consideration.”

“This course is very useful and its length is just right for people who are too busy.”

“Essential for me as an early stage entrepreneur. It made me think a lot about the way I was thinking to implement my new business.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. What Can You Achieve Without Money?
Lesson 2. Focus on Problems, Jobs, and Gains
Lesson 3. Draw Your Business Model on One Page
Lesson 5. Get Ready to Test Your Assumptions
Lesson 6. Choose the Right Type of MVP
Lesson 7. Do the Math—Prepare Financial Assessment
Lesson 8. Identify Your Fundraising Milestones
Lesson 9. Prepare the Winning Pitch
Lesson 10. Reach Out!
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    10 days
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    5 minutes reading a day

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