Muscle building

Learn how to build lean, dense muscle and look good naked without piling on the pounds, training every day, or giving up your social life. In this course, we’ll dispel the myths surrounding muscle building and show you exactly what you need to do to change your physique once and for all. Over ten lessons, you’ll learn what to eat and how to train in order to start your muscle-building journey, as well as how to stay on track and gain long-term success.

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   Teacher: Theo Brenner-Roach


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86% of students recommend

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Course plan

Lesson 1: Muscle Building—Calories and Realistic Expectations
Lesson 2: Macronutrient Needs—The Importance of Protein and Carbohydrates
Lesson 3: Using Cheat Meals When Building Muscle
Lesson 4: Training Recommendations—Exercises, Sets, Reps, and Rest Times
Lesson 5: Overcoming a Workout Plateau
Lesson 6: Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition—What Is It and Do You Need It?
Lesson 7: Supplements—Do You Need Them?
Lesson 8: The Reasons You’re Not Gaining Weight or Muscle
Lesson 9: Two Keys to Long-Term Success—Progressive Overload and Consistency
Lesson 10: Wrapping Up—The Most Important Takeaways
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