Ten editing techniques to perfect your fiction writing

We’re all looking for that perfect, clean edit when we’ve completed our masterpiece novel or story, but how do you get it just right? This course teaches techniques for spotting typos and semantic errors, as well as how to replace useless speech tags, adverbs, and passive verbs with more dynamic text. It also employs dramatic techniques to check your dialogue and sentence length, as well as analytical tests to organize, structure, and simplify your work to its very best form.

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100% of students recommend

  “Really great instruction. Now if I could just write and finish the book. It is worth printing out and reading it several times so it is there in my mind during my writing. Thanks.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Typo or Not Typo?
Lesson 2. Horrible Homophones
Lesson 3. The Dreaded Speech Tag
Lesson 4. Help Your Paragraphs Flow
Lesson 5. Really, Seriously, Extremely Bad Adverbs!
Lesson 6. Pause for Breath
Lesson 7. The Distance Trap
Lesson 8. In Good Voice
Lesson 9. The Big Cut
Lesson 10. A Perfectly Organized Edit
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