How to freelance like a pro

34% of North American workers now consider themselves freelancers, and their work adds $715 billion to the economy every year. While our ranks are growing, most freelancers (and the people who hire them) still treat freelancing as a commodity. Commoditized labor is usually a race to the bottom, rewarding the cheapest, fastest, and most available workers. But there’s another way to operate. Enter this course, and you’ll learn how to ensure that your projects are successful, profitable, and enjoyable from start to finish. We’ll cover such topics as how to craft winning proposals, how to establish clear onboarding processes and payment schedules, how to work productively to increase earnings—and much more.

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96% of students recommend

  “Thank you a million for sharing such bright ideas in a very simple form! I really enjoyed checking my inbox those ten mornings to become a better freelancer. I wish you great inspiration in everything you do!”

  “Great information, well delivered! The course wasn’t a specific “how to,” but gave steps and plans that could apply to many fields of freelance. Very useful, along with the book recommendations. Thanks!”

  “To the point content that covers pretty much every aspect of being a successful freelancer in the digital world.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Crafting Winning Proposals
Lesson 2. Establishing Solid Processes for Client Onboarding
Lesson 3. Having a Clear Payment Process
Lesson 4. Communicating with Clients Effectively
Lesson 5. Working Efficiently as a Freelancer
Lesson 6. Delivering Drafts Successfully
Lesson 7. Guiding Clients through an Effective Revision/Editing Process
Lesson 8. Finishing Projects and Helping Clients Succeed
Lesson 9. Gathering Feedback and Social Proof to Leverage in Future Opportunities
Lesson 10. Following Up to Maintain Long-Term Relationships
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