How to code the game “Snake”

Writing computer code while creating games is an amazing way to express yourself, just like composing a poem or painting on a canvas. In this course, you’ll learn the very basics, and the lessons are as easy to understand as possible. As you work through the emails, you will build a classic video game called “Snake,” which was recently added to the Museum of Modern Art—and is installed on almost every Nokia cell phone. It is fun and addicting, and your friends and family will love playing a game you created!

This course can be taken by beginner programmers. Basic programming knowledge is recommended to have for students who want to take this course.

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100% of students recommend

  “Really manageable way to try out js coding. Thanks for a great course! The gifs were super helpful.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Let’s Code a Game
Lesson 2. Let’s Make a Game Board
Lesson 3. Let’s Make a Snake
Lesson 4. Moving Our Snake
Lesson 5. Adding Food to Eat
Lesson 6. Getting the Snake to Eat the Food
Lesson 7. Growing a Tail, Part 1
Lesson 8. Growing a Tail, Part 2
Lesson 9. Losing Your Tail
Lesson 10. Finishing Your Game
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    10 days
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