Most brilliant social psychology experiments

The world of social psychology is full of strangeness. This course will cover 10 of the most brilliant and well-known experiments, many which will change your perspective on just how much control you have over your life and your surroundings. Some of it this will scare you, but most will intrigue you as well. From induced prison experiments to how marshmallows reveal our propensity for patience, you will learn why many assumptions and laws in our world are the way they are—thanks to the field of social psychology!

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96% of students recommend

  “Extremely interesting, well explained, and went into the perfect amount of depth. The logic one by the same author was great too!”

  “It was a great course and was written very well. The only thing that could have changed was adding more information. Still, I definitely recommend it.”

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Course plan

Lesson 1. The Stanford Prison Experiment
Lesson 2. Change Blindness
Lesson 3. The Marshmallow Test
Lesson 4. The Milgram Experiment
Lesson 5. The Robbers Cave Experiment
Lesson 6. The Grant Study
Lesson 7. The Oscar Winners Study
Lesson 8. Cognitive Dissonance
Lesson 9. The Halo Effect
Lesson 10. The False Consensus Effect
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