A practical guide for budget travel

A glass of wine in front of a twinkling Eiffel Tower, outstretched arms before an expansive Grand Canyon, a chaise-longue on an idyllic beach in the pacific … the realization of such fantasies is reserved to the well-off in life, right?

Wrong. Travel is accessible to any and everyone—as long as you’re willing to reconsider the ways in which you approach, experience, and think about seeing the world.

This course is a comprehensive practical guide to budget travel. From transport to accommodation, health to socializing, packing to hacking, we’ve got you covered.

You’ll soon be equipped to visit places you never thought possible, and save money in ways you never knew how.

No more barriers, hesitation, or excuses. Let’s Shut Up and Go.

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   Teacher: Damon Dominique, Joanna Franco, and Alyssa Perrott


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95% of students recommend

  “Lots of good information and ideas for traveling light and on a budget.”

  “Very helpful advices. Thank you!”

  “I really liked the personable writing style, the additional links at the end of each lesson are really neat! Thanks for doing this!”


Course plan

Lesson 1. The Devil Is in the Detail: Pre-departure Preparation
Lesson 2. Transport Tricks
Lesson 3. Budget Accommodation Doesn’t Have to Stink
Lesson 4. Food for the Frugal
Lesson 5. So Much Room for Activities!
Lesson 6. Health Care, Insurance, Sickness, Oh My!
Lesson 7. Essential Equipment
Lesson 8. Meeting Locals: From Strangers to Friends (Or More!)
Lesson 9. Hack Your Way to the Top
Lesson 10. The Three C’s: Creativity, Compromise, and Courage
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