Mysterious world landmarks

Throughout history, mankind has sought to build memorials to great legends of different civilizations. We have attempted to connect with the heavens and to understand the earth. From prehistoric times to today, all over the world, we have created some of the most astounding and mysterious landmarks, monuments, and structures that remain inspirational for the talent and dedication it took to build them.

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Course plan

Lesson 1. The Easter Island Moai
Lesson 2. Newgrange
Lesson 3. The Great Sphinx of Giza
Lesson 4. Stonehenge
Lesson 5. The Cahokia Mounds
Lesson 6. The Nazca Lines
Lesson 7. The Yonaguni Monument
Lesson 8. Sailing Stones
Lesson 9. The Georgia Guidestones
Lesson 10. Goseck Circle
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