Mastering your conversations

Our lives are built around conversations. Our friendships, our acquaintances—all our relationships, including how we talk to strangers—revolve around our ability to master the way we talk with others. In this course, we will dive deep into just what makes for masterful communication. From authentic listening, to the four main communication styles, and why being assertive is the gold star, each lesson will give you techniques you can put into practice. From everyday conversations to arguments and criticism, you’ll not only be equipped to handle the nuances of many kinds of conversations, but also, some of the most difficult ones you may find yourself in.

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93% of students recommend

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Course plan

Lesson 1. Authentic Listening
Lesson 2. Body Language
Lesson 3. Balance in Conversation
Lesson 4. The Anatomy of a Good Conversation
Lesson 5. Communication Styles
Lesson 6. How to Be Assertive
Lesson 7. Arguments
Lesson 8. Giving Criticism
Lesson 9. Difficult Conversations
Lesson 10. Endships
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