How to build a strong writing habit

How do you write every day? The pros make it look easy. Sit your butt down and just start, they say. That’s a beginning, but building a habit takes more. This course will show you how to move past the obstacles that keep you from writing. You’ll learn tools that help you make the most of your writing time. Then you’ll find the courage to share your work with people who care. Start today, and soon writing will be as natural for you as breathing!

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100% of students recommend

  “This course has great methods for building sustainable writing habits and how to continually grow as a writer.”

  “Just what I needed and well timed in lockdown. A well designed and easy to understand course. Thanks!”

  “It worked! I have increased the amount of writing and I uploaded my first Essay online!”


Course plan

Lesson 1. First, Call Yourself a Writer
Lesson 2. The Two Worst Enemies Every Writer Faces
Lesson 3. Get Started Now!
Lesson 4. Develop Laser Focus
Lesson 5. Kick Perfection to the Curb
Lesson 6. Generate an Endless Supply of Writing Ideas
Lesson 7. Make Your Writing Stand Out
Lesson 8. How to Share Your Writing with the World
Lesson 9. How to Grow as a Writer
Lesson 10. Why You Should Write a Book
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