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Are you ready to learn how to pick up new skills and expertise in the fastest, most efficient way possible? Becoming a fast learner is the single greatest advantage you can give yourself, and this course gives you everything you need to become a lean, mean, learning machine!

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95% of students recommend

  “The course was succinct, the information was high quality. I really enjoyed it.”

  “You know a course is good when it leaves to you wanting to learn more about the subject. Not only did I receive a bunch of useful information as to how memory works as it pertains to learning, but it gave some great action items to work on going forward.”

  “I liked the recommended reading and some of the points made were very valuable. I could have used a bit more of specific advice on how to learn/study.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. What Learning Is and Why You Should Care
Lesson 2. How Your Lazy Brain Affects Learning
Lesson 3. Why Salience Dominates How and What You Learn
Lesson 4. How to Use Chunking to Make Learning Easier
Lesson 5. How Learning and Memory Myths Can Derail Your Progress
Lesson 6. You Learn More When You Relax
Lesson 7. The Rocket Fuel for Your Learning
Lesson 8. Why You Must Understand Skill Types
Lesson 9. Maximize Your Learning with Practice
Lesson 10. How You Can Avoid Learning Plateaus
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