Increasing your leadership potential

Leadership is both a science and an art. Although it is a discipline, it does not require formal education. It does, however, require focus on the activities you support and the relationships you establish. This course will help you increase your perception as a leader, whether you are actually on the organization chart or not. You’ll learn how to help set yourself up to serve as a leader, interpret the work styles of your peers and managers, and tailor your approach to best suit those styles. In addition, you will learn to adopt effective leadership communication and decision-making practices, and grasp the best approaches for planning. Lastly, you will be able to consider times when following “the rules” might not be the best leadership strategy.

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89% of students recommend

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Course plan

Lesson 1. Leadership vs. Management
Lesson 2. The Qualifications for Leadership
Lesson 3. Acting Like a Leader (Even If You Aren’t on the Org Chart)
Lesson 4. Choosing Your Leadership Style
Lesson 5. Understanding Your Colleague’s Styles and Motivations
Lesson 6. Identifying Your Team’s Leadership Expectations
Lesson 7. Effective Leadership Communication Habits
Lesson 8. Effective Leadership Decision-Making Habits
Lesson 9. Planning for Leaders
Lesson 10. Doing Things Differently to Improve Results
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