How the cells work

We are many. A lot of cells compose every human being, and each of our achievements is a result of their combined and precisely orchestrated activities. In the ten days of this course, you’ll learn what exactly the cells are and how their minute organs (or organelles) comply with the tasks required for multicellular life to thrive: from basic things like molecule digestion to more complex ones like sexual reproduction.

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84% of students recommend

  “An extremely interesting course, if only we could know how they found out how the cells are constructed and what of. It is amazing that scientists are able to view and discover what cells are made of. Mindblowing. Thanks!”

  “Brilliant way to describe the way a cell works! Loved the course.”

  “Thank you for one of the best Highbrow courses I’ve taken, and that is about 20 so far. Outstanding!”


Course plan

Lesson #1: What Is a Cell? Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells
Lesson #2: The Plasma Membrane and the Cell Wall
Lesson #3: The Cell’s Nucleus and the Role of Nuclear Genetic Material
Lesson #4: Ribosomes and the End-to-End Protein Production Line
Lesson #5: Endoplasmic Reticulum and Golgi Apparatus: The Added Value on Protein Synthesis
Lesson #6: The Cytoplasm—Not Just a Colloid Pool but an Organized Highway System
Lesson #7: Mitochondria and Chloroplasts—Energy Efficiency and the Endosymbiotic Theory
Lesson #8: From Cells to Organisms—When One Plus One Equals More Than Two
Lesson #9: Half of a Cell? Haploid Cells and the Benefits of Sex
Lesson #10: Wrap Up—What Have We Learned?
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    10 days
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