Presentations: Making slides that work

Visual aids should “aid,” and they should be “visual.” Obviously. Yet, most presenters dump endless bullet points on screen with very few images. Or they bunch items together (headings, footnotes, bullet points, graphs, templates, thumbnail pictures, etc.) as you would on a poster, and completely bamboozle their audience. Why? The reasons that sane, competent, intelligent people get this so wrong, and what you should do instead, are explained in this course. Visual aids open up a second layer of potent communication with the audience to complement your spoken words. They are an opportunity, not a chore, and you can completely revamp your visual aids and thus, your presentations, overnight.

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94% of students recommend

“Thanks, this course has helped me to be a better trainer and to use power point in a much more effective way.”

“Very easy to understand and the flow of the presentation over the 10 days made it stick.”

“This is a practical guide on bringing your presentation and presenting skills on the next level.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Suicide by PowerPoint
Lesson 2. Using Slides as Transient Props, Not Reports
Lesson 3. Pictures: Attention, Explanation, Memory
Lesson 4. Pictures: One at a Time, Full Screen
Lesson 5. Gestalt Associations: Visual Inference and Signposting
Lesson 6. Videos: Switching the Point of the Attack
Lesson 7. Videos: The Surprising Benefits of Doing It Yourself
Lesson 8. Graphs: Turning Numbers into Shapes
Lesson 9. Graphs: Why They Go Wrong
Lesson 10. Working Visual Aids into Your Presentation
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