How to unleash your creativity

Everybody would love to be more creative, but for most people, it remains a mysterious process. In this course, you’ll learn practical creativity techniques, based on scientific research, that you can apply to your work and just about any aspect of your life. It includes how to have a creative mindset and how to boost your creative confidence, as well as such powerful methods such as “Disney’s Three Rooms,” “The Opposite Technique,” and “Forced Association.” As you’ll see, these techniques are the key to unlocking your creativity for fun and profit.

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   Teacher: Jurgen Wolff


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94% of students recommend

  “Enjoyed the clarity of the lessons, great techniques for accessing and harnessing creativity.”

  “It was a good course on different ways I didn’t know about to help with the creative process no matter what I am working on, thanks.”

  “Mr. Wolff’s courses are always very well-written and informative. This course included many practical and easy to do tips to help enhance creativity.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Tuning In to Creativity
Lesson 2. When and Where to Be Most Creative
Lesson 3. How to Think Different to Double Your Creativity
Lesson 4. How to Use the Power of Forced Association
Lesson 5. How to Let Others Inspire Your Creativity
Lesson 6. How to Dream Your Way to Creative Success
Lesson 7. What to Do When a Project Fails
Lesson 8. A Creative Way to Change Bad Habits
Lesson 9. How to Be Creative in More Areas of Your Life
Lesson 10. How to Keep Your Creativity Alive
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