Python basics

This course is for beginner developers who are interested in learning the Python language. If you haven’t coded before, Python is a great first language to learn because it is a powerful high-level programming language with elegant syntax that is essential for programming with web development frameworks such as Django and Flask. Python also powers many scientific applications, including data analysis and numerical computation. In this course, we will cover the basic syntax of Python, as well as how to create and use variables and functions. You’ll also learn about a few Python data structures and how to make some simple Python programs.

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Course plan

Lesson 1. Getting Started with Python
Lesson 2. Basic Data Types and Creating Your First Variable
Lesson 3. Defining and Using Functions
Lesson 4. Relational Operators, Boolean Operators, and If Statements
Lesson 5. Making Your First Python Program
Lesson 6. Looping with For Statements and the Range Type
Lesson 7. Introduction to Data Structures and Lists
Lesson 8. Using Dictionaries in Python
Lesson 9. Adding More Functionality with the Python Standard Library
Lesson 10. What Have We Learned in This Course?
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