Conquer fear of public speaking

Do you dream of giving confident, inspiring speeches and presentations, but the thought of public speaking fills you with dread? Do you get butterflies, a dry throat, or forget what you want to say and fumble your way through your talks? There is a solution! In this course, you’ll learn how to understand and manage your nerves, and develop confidence and authority when speaking and presenting. Using professional techniques, you’ll harness the breathing, posture, and self-knowledge to overcome panic and give more powerful, confident speeches.

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   Teacher: Dr. Paul Harrison


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95% of students recommend

  “Brilliant! Thank you so much for this! I will try my best to apply the tips.”

  “I really liked the course content and the way it was presented. I had never thought that one could use so many techniques to improve public speaking. I hope to use these in my future presentations. Thank you.”

  “Great course, full of practical advice and strategies. Thank you!”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Conquer Fear of Public Speaking
Lesson 2. The Science of Fear
Lesson 3. Interrupting Anxiety with Deep Breathing
Lesson 4. Power through Posture, Expressions, and Gestures
Lesson 5. Harnessing Vocal Power
Lesson 6. Preparing for Your Speech
Lesson 7. Practicing Your Speech
Lesson 8. The Audience Don’ts and Do’s
Lesson 9. My Pre-speech Routine
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