Barry Brophy


Course: Presentations: Making slides that work

I teach people how to use their conversational skills to make presentations. We practice speaking every day, and our conversational skill set is vast and subtle. However, few people use these skills properly in a presentation, and over the past 15 years of training people in the private sector and teaching students at University College Dublin, I have been trying to understand why. I have written two books on this topic, The Natural Presenter, 2007, and Awful Presentations, 2017.

The truth is that to present well, the thing you really need to understand is not speaking, but listening. We already know how to speak (effortlessly and powerfully), but few presenters think about what the audience is hearing. By using communication tools like images, graphs and videos, analogies, examples, demonstrations, and stories, you can connect with your audience and unleash the full power of your conversational skill set.