How to manufacture the greatest sleep of your life

Sleep is the single most underestimated ingredient impacting your health and life. Sleep is so powerful, in fact, that making even tiny improvements to this activity we spend ⅓ of our time doing can radically improve the quality of our health and our lives. This course will introduce you to the basics of how sleep works, and more importantly, each lesson will reveal one secret to manufacturing the greatest sleep of your life.

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100% of students recommend

  “In one word – AWESOME! Author made everything very clear, and fun to read, and also easy to remember, because it all makes sense. Or maybe I just got a few nights of good sleep. :) Anyways, AWESOME!!!”

  “Great insight and tips and tricks to improve my sleep!”

  “Really good stuff. I love sleep, but have been having trouble getting and staying asleep. After just a few days utilizing the methods in the course, I’m getting my sleep mojo back…it’s good!”


Course plan

Lesson 1. To Sleep Is to Live
Lesson 2. Sleep & Stress
Lesson 3. Sleep & Metabolism
Lesson 4. Sleep & Disease Risk
Lesson 5. Sleep & Fatigue
Lesson 6. Sleep & Mood
Lesson 7. Sleep & Memory
Lesson 8. Sleep & Creativity
Lesson 9. Sleep & Aging
Lesson 10. Conclusion & Review
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