Breathing techniques

Even though breathing is something we all do without even thinking, when we learn to pay attention to our breath and control how we breathe, we can learn keys to survival and well-being. Conscious breathing can help us feel peaceful, powerfully energized, and ultimately, balanced. In this course, you will learn ten different breathing practices to help you navigate through a variety of situations, from altering the temperature of your body to cleansing toxins from your lungs and digestive system. Through control of your breath, you can find grounding and restore equilibrium into your entire body.

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88% of students recommend

  “Very interesting course. I didn’t realize how many breathing techniques there are and how it can affect how you feel.”

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Course plan

Lesson 1. Diaphragmatic Breathing
Lesson 2. Listening to Your Breath
Lesson 3. Extending Breath with Counting and Essential Oils
Lesson 4. Restorative Yoga with Cooling Long Exhales
Lesson 5. Breath of Fire
Lesson 6. Twisting Breath
Lesson 7. Lion’s Breath
Lesson 8. Tummo Warming Breath
Lesson 9. Alternate Nostril Balancing Breath
Lesson 10. Singing OM Breath
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