How to analyze signatures

Ever wonder what signatures—yours, your boss’s, your clients’—reveal about personality? In this course, you will learn to read handwriting, using principles developed by European clinicians. See how people inadvertently embed talents, interests, and even unique aspects of personality in their handwriting, giving you a way to better understand them. The lessons will teach you how to read what people are really telling you about themselves when they sign on that dotted line. We’ll also analyze signatures of presidents, writers, actresses, and other interesting personalities.

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   Teacher: Annette Poizner


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94% of students recommend

  “That was a really cool course. I never thought there’s so much to know about handwriting.”

  “Superb! Fascinating and insightful. Shall be recommending this one widely.”

  “Some fascinating insights! I also see that my husband’s signature correlates with his style – sharply critical :-( Thank you…”


Course plan

Lesson 1: Thin-Slicing in Everyday Life
Lesson 2: The Boss: Dominance in Handwriting
Lesson 3: People Who Love People
Lesson 4: Circle Meets Line
Lesson 5: Gooder Than Good
Lesson 6: The Rebel
Lesson 7: The Inner Critic in Handwriting
Lesson 8: Show and Tell: Meet the Performer!
Lesson 9: Making Your Mark and Final Thoughts
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