How do artists find their niche?

One of the most pressing unanswered questions for artists, photographers, and artisans is “how do I find my niche?” Why do some artists become famous and others do not, despite their talent?

By re-examining art history, you’ll learn how artists have determined their niche through “The Four-Part Code” created by artist and entrepreneur Ann Rea. Then we’ll apply the code to three emerging artists, maybe just like you.

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Course plan

Lesson 1. Cracking the Four-Part Code
Lesson 2. Who Was Michelangelo’s Niche?
Lesson 3. Who Was John Singer Sargent’s Niche?
Lesson 4. Who Was Andy Warhol’s Niche?
Lesson 5. Who Was Thomas Kinkade’s Niche?
Lesson 6. Who is Ai Weiwei’s Niche?
Lesson 7. Who is Colleen Attara’s Niche?
Lesson 8. Who is Daniel Barrett’s Niche?
Lesson 9. Who is Kate Bradley’s Niche?
Lesson 10. What is Your Why, What, How, and Who?
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