Prominent artists of Modern Art

In the later decades of the 19th century, artists became interested in expressing new concerns about modern life. As more people moved into larger cities, and as diversity began to increase social tensions, artists in Paris rebelled against artistic conventions and broadened their style to include new techniques, perspectives, and forms of self-expression. The top artists of modern art remain some of the biggest names in art history.

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Lesson 1. Claude Monet
Lesson 2. Georges Seurat
Lesson 3. Paul Gauguin
Lesson 4. Gustav Klimt
Lesson 5. Henri Matisse
Lesson 6. Edvard Munch
Lesson 7. Wassily Kandinsky
Lesson 8. Pablo Picasso
Lesson 9. Kazimir Malevich
Lesson 10. Marcel Duchamp
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