Great surrealist painters of all time

Surrealism was a popular artistic style in the 20th century. Artists from France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, the US, Mexico, and South America shared similar wishes to break from the conventions of realistic painting styles. They wanted to express the inexpressible about human psychology, and they pushed art to new limits by juxtaposing the expected and the unexpected, the realistic and the dreamlike.

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Course plan

Lesson 1. Rene Magritte
Lesson 2. Joan Miro
Lesson 3. Salvador Dali
Lesson 4. Jean Arp
Lesson 5. Frida Kahlo
Lesson 6. Max Ernst
Lesson 7. Paul Delvaux
Lesson 8. Roberto Matta
Lesson 9. Paul Klee
Lesson 10. Giorgio de Chirico
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