Pulitzer prize-winning photos and their stories

As photography became more frequently used and popular in the 20th century, people began to capture important moments and communicate reality in new ways. Journalists started to carry cameras, and the age of photojournalism was born. To establish an international prize recognizing the photojournalists who capture the most important images of each year, in 1942 the Pulitzer committee began to award photographers in multiple categories.

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  “Interesting. A few “earth-shattering” revelations in these photos, especially the last one (Viet Cong being dragged).”

  “Many pictures of the Civil Rights movement era. For a non-American that is less interesting than many of the world news type photos. But overall a very interesting course. I especially liked the background story to each photo from the photographer.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. The Kiss of Life by Rocco Morabito
Lesson 2. The Soiling of Old Glory by Stanley Forman
Lesson 3. Ford Strikers Riot by Milton Brooks
Lesson 4. Saigon Execution by Eddie Adams
Lesson 5. The Shooting of James Meredith by Jack Thornell
Lesson 6. Lone Jewish Woman by Oded Balilty
Lesson 7. Fatal Hollywood Drama by Anthony Roberts
Lesson 8. The Johnny Bright Incident by Don Ultang and John Robinson
Lesson 9. Serious Steps by Paul Vathis
Lesson 10. American Soldiers Dragging Viet Cong by Kyoichi Sawada
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