Easy exercises to upgrade your photography

In this unique course, you will learn simple exercises to improve your photography. You can do them easily and without any special equipment. But don’t be fooled—they are hugely effective and will change your photography for the better. You’ll be more assured and more confident, since all exercises are eye-hand-brain training, like that of any sports. By the end, you will feel the camera becoming an extension of you. The barriers between your wish to make a photograph and the actual making will shrink. As a result, you’ll become a camera maestro!

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   Teacher: Tom Ang


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83% of students recommend

“I look forward to putting more of your recommendations into practice, having tangled with fewer than half so far.”

“The course was excellent. Thanks!”

“Quick ideas to try if you want to improve your photography skills. Interesting information and none of them are difficult.”


Course plan

Lesson 1: Blindfold Mastery
Lesson 2: Concentrate on One Focal Length
Lesson 3: On the Beat
Lesson 4: Bracketing Knowledge
Lesson 5: Blow Out Your Pictures
Lesson 6: Sink Those Images!
Lesson 7: Frontiers of Your Comfort Zone
Lesson 8: Seeing Before Arriving
Lesson 9: Let It Go, Let It Go!
Lesson 10: Hue and Cry
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