Business analysis fundamentals

This course introduces a variety of methods commonly used in predictive analytics, data mining, and managerial science. While most of us have heard how “hot” big data is nowadays, few of us understand what actually stands behind big data. In ten days, we’ll cover different data-driven and model-based approaches, such as K-Nearest Neighbors, Naïve Bayes, association rules, decision tree analysis, logistic regression, and others, which are widely used not only in business but also in many other fields, as the interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning increases. We’ll discuss the most popular applications of these approaches.

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   Teacher: Polina Durneva


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85% of students recommend

“Great to get a first peak at the different analysis options. Clear and easy to understand.”

“Simple and good enough to know the basic. Good and clear examples given to illustrate the different techniques.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. K-Nearest Neighbor
Lesson 2. Naïve Bayes
Lesson 3. Association Rules
Lesson 4. Cluster Analysis
Lesson 5. Decision Tree Analysis
Lesson 6. Linear Regression
Lesson 7. Logistic Regression
Lesson 8. Optimization
Lesson 9. Monte Carlo Simulation
Lesson 10. Final Thoughts on Business Analytics Methods
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  • Duration
    10 days
  • Time
    5 minutes reading a day

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