The best photography hacks

This course shows you 10 smart and efficient ways to improve your photography visibly and effectively. These are a mix of well-known technical tips and ones that may surprise you. Once you see the sense of these hacks, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without—and you won’t even need to buy any new gear!

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73% of students recommend

  “I’ve got lot’s of practical tips to improve my photography! Thanks!”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Get the Numbers Up
Lesson 2. See More Photographs
Lesson 3. Sharpest Focusing Hacks
Lesson 4. Don’t Look Now!
Lesson 5. Best Zoom Hacks
Lesson 6. Top Exposure Hacks
Lesson 7. Shoot Like a Detective
Lesson 8. Timing Hacks
Lesson 9. Shoot outside Your Comfort Zone
Lesson 10. Super Composition Hacks
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