Build your own web scraping tool

This course will give you the techniques you need to pull information from any website. You’ll learn how to build your own web scrapers and start collecting the data you need. We’ll touch on solutions to common scraping challenges like forms, javascript, logins—and even ways of avoiding bot detection.

No coding experience is necessary to follow the course, but more advanced students will be able to take the sample scraping code that I walk you through and flesh it out into their own custom web scraping application.

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   Teacher: Hartley Brody


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79% of students recommend

“Very good course. It gave neat introduction to web scraping. Thank you very much.”

“I have always been curious to learn about Web Scraping and this course gave me a really great background as I wrote my first scraping program.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Getting Started with Web Scraping
Lesson 2. The Only Two Fundamentals of Web Scraping You Need
Lesson 3. Using the Browser’s Developer Tools to Inspect the Pages You Visit
Lesson 4. Building Our Very First Web Scraper in 15 Minutes
Lesson 5. Scraping Common Interface Elements Like Forms and Pagination
Lesson 6. Scraping Javascript-Heavy Websites
Lesson 7. Scraping Content inside an iFrame
Lesson 8. Solutions to Other Web Scraping “Gotchas” You May Encounter
Lesson 9. Defeating Common Bot-Detection Schemes
Lesson 10. Tips for Building Your Very Own Web Scrapers
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