Hartley Brody


Course: Build your own web scraping tool

Over the years, I’ve scraped dozens of websites—from music blogs and fashion retailers to Amazon.com and undocumented JSON endpoints. I’ve learned a thing or two along the way, so I wrote an article in 2012 called, “I Don’t Need No Stinking API: Web Scraping for Fun and Profit.”

That article was number-one on Google for “web scraping” and has been viewed almost 500,000 times. It’s helped me meet people from all over the world who are trying to navigate the wild world of web scraping. Since then, I’ve written an e-book and published a course that has been purchased by over 1,000 people looking to learn the art of web scraping.

Tech Blog: blog.hartleybrody.com

Web Scraping Portal: scrapethissite.com