Famous classical music composers

Throughout history, instrumentalists collaborated on performances and began to record their compositions. As music became more complex, composers began to write musical arrangements which standardized performances across time and place. In this course, you will learn about the most legendary of these composers, who arranged music that is still performed around the world today. History’s greatest classical music composers teach audiences about the universal human need to artistically express emotion through sound.

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“I have taken some thirty courses with Highbrow and this one is the winner: concise, defined the underpinning of the composer musical philology and cleverly provided a sample to sustain his/her thesis.”

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Course plan

Lesson 1. Johann Sebastian Bach
Lesson 2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Lesson 3. Ludwig van Beethoven
Lesson 4. Franz Schubert
Lesson 5. Frederic Chopin
Lesson 6. Richard Wagner
Lesson 7. Giuseppe Verdi
Lesson 8. Johannes Brahms
Lesson 9. Claude Debussy
Lesson 10. Igor Stravinsky
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