10 easy meditations to bring calm to your everyday life

You might be familiar with meditation and you might have even tried it, but how can you do it more regularly? The key insight is learning how to think differently about meditation. Over the next ten days, you will learn ten different kinds of meditation that you can fit into your life, wherever you might be, during the regular beats of your day. You will emerge with an awareness of how meditation is far from just time sitting on a pillow. With the meditations you learn in this course, you’ll be all set to bring more calm to your everyday life.

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95% of students recommend

  “One of the Top 3 courses I read here. Great theme, good descriptions, and examples. Recommend!”

  “This was an excellent course. I found the meditation strategies life-changing.”

  “I sought this out because I’ve enjoyed John Robin’s other courses so much. This didn’t disappoint – in fact, I would say it’s his best! The style is truly engaging and he also manages to completely reimagine a whole new approach to meditation. Really, really worthwhile. Thanks!”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Directed Awareness
Lesson 2. Open Awareness
Lesson 3. Eating Meditation
Lesson 4. Metta Meditation
Lesson 5. Transcendental Meditation
Lesson 6. Walking Meditation
Lesson 7. Talking Meditation
Lesson 8. Working Meditation
Lesson 9. Breathing Meditation
Lesson 10. Visualization
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    10 days
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