Five More Psychological Strategies You Can Put in Place Today

20.10.2017 |

Episode #10 of the course Psychological factors that influence purchase decisions by James Scherer


This course has been pretty full of information, and it can be overwhelming to consider everything when creating your next ad, marketing campaign, or web page.

But I don’t want you to think that you have to remember it all—just start considering it and remember that it’s out there.

There are a few essential strategies to keep in mind, the psychological elements and strategies you can quickly put in place to boost sales and client retention. Let’s go over my top five actionable strategies you can put in place today (or at least, this week) that use psychology to drive business success.


Actionable Strategy #1

Create a promotion or discount of your product or service. Promote it to your email list with a 48-hour limitation. Send two emails: one at the beginning of the 48 hours and another two hours before the promotion expires.

Be sure to create a segment of all the people who open the email but don’t click through. Send a follow-up email to these people notifying them that, due to popular demand, you’ve extended the promotion another 24 hours, to give them another chance to take you up on the discount.


Actionable Strategy #2

Take a look at your business’s Yelp page. Speak with your account managers and reach out to satisfied customers. Add a rating plugin to your sales funnel, which prompts a written review if the rating is four or five stars. Collect testimonials anywhere you can, and use them on your landing pages, product pages, homepage, pricing page, and billing pages.

Real-life example: We recently had a client who asked clients for a review and then used marketing automation to follow up with an email if their review was four or five stars, providing links where they could review on Facebook, Yelp, and Yellow Pages. They garnered more than 300 positive reviews using this strategy.

Another strategy is to give prospective and existing customers bonus entries in an online contest if they review your service or company, as Lucille Roberts did in the example below:


Actionable Strategy #3

Review all your product pages and add a person. Instead of images of your products or your dashboard on a laptop screen, source images of people wearing or using your products.


Actionable Strategy #4

Add white space to your existing campaign pages. There are very few websites out there that, once a professional web designer has had a look at them, don’t end up with more space around the objects within them.

If you’ve created your own website or your original web developer wasn’t a designer, it’s probably worth going back in and adding space around your forms, headlines, page sections, and copy.


Actionable Strategy #5

Play around with your website’s color scheme. Remember the color wheel, and be sure that your call-to-action buttons contrast obviously and well with your primary colors.

As a place to start, check out Google’s Material Design colors.

Thanks for following along for the past ten lessons! I hope you’ve learned something about how marketers and business owners can tap into the complexity of the brain to elicit buying behavior from prospective customers.

If you have any questions whatsoever, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at or on Twitter at @JDScherer. Cheers!


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