Psychological factors that influence purchase decisions

If you want to have the highest chance of turning prospective customers into buyers, understanding the psychology of those prospective customers is crucial. People don’t make purchase decisions based solely on rational need, but rather a complex series of psychological factors that you can tap into to drive website conversions and sales.

Over the next ten days, you’ll discover nine of the most impactful psychological factors that affect the buying process.

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93% of students recommend

  “This course is simply awesome. I not only learnt about effective strategy to sell things but why I buy things.”

  “I loved this course. It was full of psychology, down-to-earth advice and knowledge. I will definitely use these learnings in my private and professional life.”

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Course plan

Lesson 1. Introduction to Psychology in Online Marketing and the Importance of Words
Lesson 2. How to Create Urgency to Drive a Sale, Today
Lesson 3. The Psychology behind “Trying It Out”
Lesson 4. How to Design your Site for Conversion
Lesson 5. The Dangers of Information Overwhelm (and How to Combat It)
Lesson 6. How to Use “Newness” to Create the Perception of Value
Lesson 7. How Color Affects Emotional States (and Why It Matters to Your Sales Funnel)
Lesson 8. How Images Affect Buying Behavior
Lesson 9. The Trust Factor
Lesson 10. Five More Psychological Strategies You Can Put in Place Today
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