Who is Daniel Barrett’s Niche?

04.11.2016 |

Episode #8 of the course How do artists find their niche? by Ann Rea


Daniel Barrett is a music producer in Austin, Texas.

My nickname for Daniel is “Grammy Dan,” because that’s what he said he wanted to win when he first entered my program.

Daniel’s process is working. He is Ruthie Foster’s music producer. She’s an American singer-songwriter of blues and folk music. She has earned three Grammy Award nominations.

Again, we can determine Daniel’s niche by answering the following four questions:


1. Why = Who is the artist, what does he stand for, what does he stand against, and why?

Before we can know who Daniel Barrett’s target market is, we must first know who he is as a person.

Daniel Barrett briefly attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Daniel Barrett

Daniel Barrett

He dropped out and left, feeling like a failure.

Daniel began busking, also called street performing. It’s the showbiz equivalent of an entry-level job. His devotion and love for music helped him persist.

His band (Porter Davis) went on to write songs that received radio play.

Then he realized that his strength is producing music, so he set up shop as a music producer in Austin, Texas and founded Rubicon Artist Development.

Daniel recognized that his strongest asset was his imagination.

His creativity could pave a path to success for himself and the musicians whose music he produced.

Daniel remembered his potential by imagining his future.

As if it had already happened, he started imagining and rehearsing out loud the conversations he was having with the artists he wanted to attract.


2. What = Based on his why, what is the one problem that he believes is worth solving?

All musicians face self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs. This mindset not only limits their success but also compromises the quality of their music.


3. How = How does he solve that problem using his artistic skills and other resources?

Musicians, like all artists, possess strong imaginations as part of their innate creativity, and they can apply it to all aspects of their life.

Daniel co-authored the book The Remembering Process with his musician client Joe Vitale, a self-development expert and prolific author.

Daniel and his artists use The Remembering Process to create more inspired music and lives.


4. Who = Who has the one problem that he believes is worth solving?

Who struggles with self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs but wants to make great music?

Musicians in Austin, Texas who understand the value of investing in their music and themselves.


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