The Boss: Dominance in Handwriting

19.02.2018 |

Episode #2 of the course How to analyze signatures by Annette Poizner


“The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.” —Roger Bannister, former British athlete

Yesterday, Stephen King’s signature introduced the angular formations we will sometimes see in handwriting. Some writers, like King, use the occasional angle, but there are other writers whose handwriting is dominated by angles. This is a particular type you should watch for. One classic example of this personality style is Donald Trump.

US President Donald Trump’s signature

US President Donald Trump’s signature

In his signature, Trump renders the majority of the letters in his name as an angle! Imagine writing this many angles: writing a short stroke and abruptly stopping. Starting in a new direction and then—abrupt stop. Then a stroke in another direction, then stop. It takes a lot of muscle control to constantly stop and start on a dime, to create those sharp angles.


What We Know

When we see all this, we know a few things about the writer:

1. This is an individual who loves to exert. This is a hard worker (look how hard he works just to sign his name).

2. This is a writer with a strong constitution (who else would willingly work this hard on a regular basis?).

3. This is an individual who has chronically tight muscles, owing to all the exertion.

And as we learned yesterday, sharp angles in handwriting indicate somebody sharp. Smart and analytical, for sure. And also sharp-tongued.

Harry Truman’s signature

Harry Truman’s signature

Former US President Harry Truman, whose signature is dominated by angles, was said to have told people, “I don’t give people hell. I just tell them the truth and they think they’re in hell!”

Arianna Huffington’s signature

Arianna Huffington, publisher of the Huffington Post, sports repetitive angles in her signature. She experienced severe workaholism, which ultimately culminated in an accident that she attributes to being under-slept. Angle writers push themselves!.


“Get to the Point!”

Note how the angle writer decimates letters, abstracting them into a mash of angles that are potentially hard to read. This writer has less finesse, less interest in the world of appearances. To use the lexicon of the angle, these people get “right to the point.” They are direct. No nonsense. Blunt, dynamic leaders.

Angles should make you think of triangles, the geometrical structure that is strong enough to build bridges and therefore, connotes strength. The more triangular shapes you see in the writing, the more power in the personality, fueling both determination and the capacity to be stubborn.


“Watch Yourself!”

If your customer sports a signature with plenty of angles, stand back and let them lead. This type of person prefers a no-nonsense approach and has a low tolerance for fluff, drama, or emotional appeals.

Don’t expect diplomacy skills, and don’t play one upmanship or start a battle. You won’t win. Angle writers become top executives. The sharp angles reveal a love of conflict. They enjoy a good fight. They love violent movies and a good political argument. They have a hot temper. Tread cautiously.

Tomorrow, let’s learn more about the sweeties of this world. When you think of Rounded writers, think of the sisterhood, the motherhood, the brotherhood. These writers are communal, nurturing, kind and pleasant. And always happy to lend a helping hand! Details to follow!


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