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16.09.2018 |

Episode #9 of the course Streamline your life to have more time for what matters by Liz Huber


Welcome back!

Over the past eight days, we’ve streamlined almost every area of your life together. Now we just have a few small things left for today: travel, clothing, and workouts.

Let’s go!



Even though traveling can be fun, it is also full of unnecessary time-wasters that can easily be optimized with these tips:

Avoid traveling for work unless absolutely necessary. Most trips are time-sucking and drain your energy with little impact on your top goals. Cut down on travel by creating your own rules and strategies like switching in-person meetings to video calls, saying “no” to opportunities (conferences, speaking engagements) that don’t excite you, or combining multiple meetings into one trip.

Make booking decisions fast. Whether you are looking for a flight, hotel, or rental car, don’t over-optimize! Stick to one comparison site, set filters for your criteria, and then give yourself a maximum time to finish the booking. Or even better, email your virtual assistant the requirements and let them do the booking for you.

Use the time in planes or trains productively by bringing books, downloading podcasts, or planning for work you can do without a strong Wi-Fi connection (e.g., replying to emails in offline mode, preparing meetings, brainstorming ideas, or writing a blog post).

Research places to go and driving instructions beforehand, and save them in Google Maps (download the offline maps for your destination). That way, you’ll arrive fully prepared and save time at the airport figuring out how to get to town or where to get a quick bite to eat before your meeting.

Use the TripCase app to manage your entire trip in one place. Add your travel documents, hotel and restaurant reservations, as well as things to do.

Save time at the airport by flying with hand-luggage only. Optimize your packing by preparing your liquids in a one-liter bag for security (put your cosmetics in small containers no larger than 100ml each) and planning the exact outfits for your trip instead of packing random clothes.

Save time at security by choosing the security queue with many business people; they are more likely to have mastered the art of getting through fast (contrary to holiday travelers). Save time at immigration by getting yourself an E-Passport and any required visas online before your journey. Bonus Tip: If you are in the US, you can join the TSA Precheck program that helps you get through security lines faster and the Global Entry program to skip the lines at immigration.

Use Uber instead of local taxis to save time when ordering and paying for your ride.

Pack a power bar to avoid wasting time waiting for your phone to charge in your hotel room after you arrive.



Like food, clothing bears many potential inefficiencies just because we do it every single day. But with a few simple hacks, you can significantly decrease the time spend on buying and choosing what to wear:

Keep your closet decluttered! Nothing is more mentally draining than having too many clothes but still nothing to wear.

Prepare your clothes for the next day in the evening to save time and stress in the morning.

Build a minimalist capsule wardrobe by selecting two to three main colors and sticking to 30 to 40 pieces that can easily be combined with each other. Create your own minimalist style by choosing a couple of basic outfits that can be replicated with different items/colors/combinations.

To go even further, completely eliminate the decision what to wear by creating your own “uniform” (e.g., jeans and a white T-shirt) that you’ll wear every day, Zuckerberg-style!

Opt for wrinkle-resistant and easy-care items to save time washing, drying, and ironing your clothes.



Exercise is another aspect of life that you might want to consider optimizing to free up extra time. Here are a few tips:

Prepare your workout bag the night before or lay out your workout clothes. This not only saves time but also increases your chance of working out. Even better: Have a second gym bag at work or rent a permanent locker at your gym so you can go to the gym unprepared at all times.

Combine workouts with things you need to do anyway. Run or bike to work, and meet friends for a walk or at the gym instead of at the coffee shop.

Use mobile apps like Sworkit to do quick bodyweight workouts wherever you are and save time going to the gym.


Take Action Today: Prepare your clothes and workout bag for tomorrow tonight!

Tomorrow, we’ll be doing a quick recap about what you’ve learned in this course, and I will share bonus success tips!

Happy streamlining,



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