How to write a great speech: Linguistics, drama, and rhetoric

Ever wondered how those great speechmakers hold everyone’s attention when they deliver a moving, hilarious or memorable moment? This course explains the three key approaches that you need to master the art of speechcraft, from the study of language construction to its dramatic presentation and the psychology of rhetoric. After these ten amazing lessons, your speeches will be truly unforgettable!

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   Teacher: K.C. Finn


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91% of students recommend

  “The way you have put all the elements together is great. It has helped me put these manageable steps together to form the type of structures I was after. In fact, the detail lead me in directions I did not expect and I’m confident that these directions will continue to help me improve my writing. Thank You for such a well-constructed course! Also, your links to other resources were a help too.”

  “Good, bread-and-butter intro to public speaking. Solid refresher for me.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Linguistics, Part One: Form and Format
Lesson 2. Linguistics, Part Two: The Sound of Speech
Lesson 3. Linguistics, Part Three: Denotation versus Connotation
Lesson 4. Drama, Part One: The Art of Emphasis
Lesson 5. Drama, Part Two: Natural Speech
Lesson 6. Drama, Part Three: Breathe and Project
Lesson 7. Rhetoric, Part One: Ethos
Lesson 8. Rhetoric, Part Two: Logos
Lesson 9. Rhetoric, Part Three: Pathos
Lesson 10. The Speechcraft Checklist
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