How to set up a productive working environment

Our environment is the biggest influencer in our actions. If we’re in a place that promotes productivity, we’re going to be focused on our work. If we’re in a place that is full of distractions, we’ll end up drawn to those distractions instead.

This course will help students learn about the environmental factors that influence their working day, and how they can implement simple changes to become more productive.

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89% of students recommend

  “Organized, clear, and effective tips. This course gave me lots of takeaway, despite already spending the last 4 years developing good home office practices. I especially like the tips on light, colour, and air quality.”

  “Nice course to learn about the factors that influence your productivity. Small tips and tricks can have a big impact.”

  “The most valuable new information was the task of identifying productive and non-productive triggers. Incredible self-insightful and actionable.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. How Much Are You Getting Done?
Lesson 2. Eliminate All Distractions
Lesson 3. Declutter Your Working Area
Lesson 4. Organize Your Computer Files
Lesson 5. The Impact of Ergonomics on Your Work and Health
Lesson 6. How Music and Sounds Affect Your Productivity
Lesson 7. The Psychology of Color
Lesson 8. Light Impacts Your Productivity
Lesson 9. Let Nature Into Your Workspace
Lesson 10. Summary
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